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The Story Behind The Friday Edition

Welcome to “The Friday Edition”. 
Some of you might be thinking “not another local paper!”.  And to be honest that would be a  fair enough comment. 
But ‘The Friday Edition  is not a newspaper. It was designed as ‘something different’ for the local community. A magazine style more than a paper, including articles from both Morrinsville and Te Aroha.

But first, a little about myself… 
My love of writing first developed in High School. I was lucky enough to have had an extremely dedicated and passionate English teacher, and through his guidance and need I say it, patience, I fell in love with anything that involved writing.

As time went by, I had an opportunity to take my writing to another level in a business opportunity, but for personal reasons beyond my control, I could not follow my dream.

Life goes on, and so did my writing behind the scenes. For hours I would sit and write, day and night, and suddenly I realised that passion had returned and so had a second opportunity to follow that dream. This time, I have grabbed it,
a little nervous for sure, but none the less excited.

The result, “The Friday Edition”. 

The intention, my niche, is focusing on Business and Youth, with the addition of new material. There will be a mixture of local reading, and material from afar, however it all has a link back to our local community in some way. It is important for me to personally capture that interview in depth, face to face, not just a paragraph, not a phone call. 

There is a time and place for articles to be sent in by email, and there will be opportunities for sure in my issues for that, however, with my style of writing and the outcome I am creating, this is not my aim with business or personal interviews. You just don’t get the full picture.

If it is good enough for people to give me their time, then it is important for me to give them mine.  Just like ‘’back in the day” reporting you might say.  SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP

Supporting local businesses and youth is crucial for a community, a town, a hub to continue to develop…something I hope to create and continue to promote in my articles. 
And like anything new, you will always receive your fair share of criticism and lack of support. I know I have during the process of developing this magazine. You see, I do my best to support locally so I find it disheartening that is not reciprocated.

Employing locally for my business is important to me. It’s not about your ‘brand’ or ‘how big you are’. It’s about giving people in your community the opportunity to gain experience and supporting them financially. It’s about your local hub,
your local community. Support locally where you can, as businesses simply will not survive in this competitive world.

We have fantastic business owners in Morrinsville and Te Aroha. Owners who have invested time, money and hard grind into their businesses. And I refer not only to residential businesses. I am also talking about commercial, rural and home-based business owners as well. Owners and staff who go the extra mile for customers. Let’s get in behind them! So next time we all have a groan and we ask ourselves why a local business is not supporting us for an activity, an event…just take time to answer your own question and reflect…do we support them?

Maybe its time we all need to ‘Pay it Forward’… In my situation, for sure I am taking a risk… don’t most businesses 
these days. 
But for those that have supported me, a local edition, I thank you immensely, and I look forward to working with you all in 2018 and beyond. 

Reality moving forward however, is if you don’t get local support, you are going to look outside your community to find it. That unfortunately is business. In my travels, I have been extremely lucky to have personally interviewed some very business minded, motivated and focused people. Some of whom will be featured monthly in my edition, some who I will continually follow with enthusiasm as they follow their dreams

All in all, it’s going to be one hang of a ride for sure. I look forward to the challenge!

Your editor,