Advertise with The Friday Edition


We have a range of standard sizes and rates available for businesses and groups wanting to advertise in The Friday Edition. Custom sized or shaped adverts may be available depending on space - please ask if you have a certain size and shape in mind and we will see what we can do. Some alternative orientations may be available.


Artwork requirements

The magazine comes out on the first Friday of each month - Advertisement artwork is due by the 18th of the month prior to the issue you wish to advertise in. If you need an advert designed for you we require content and images to be sent to us by the 15th of the month prior to allow for time for design and proofing. Advert design is an additional $25 + GST on top of the cost of your advert.

Artwork needs to be supplied as a high resolution PDF at the size you would have booked. If we need to resize or recreate your artwork due to insufficient quality or it has been supplied at the wrong size, you may be charged a design fee to cover this cost and time.

Advertising Sizing and Prices

FULL PAGE - Without Bleed  (White Border Around Page) 
190mm x 277mm

FULL PAGE - With Bleed   (Colour Off Edges of Page)  
201mm x 297mm + 5mm bleed


190mm x 130mm

92mm x 130mm


92mm x 64mm

190mm x 54mm

62mm x 50mm

Single - 42mm x 62mm
Double - 89mm x 64mm